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2 Florida men facing a federal drug charge

Two Florida men were recently arrested on federal drug charges. Federal agents say that the men are suspected of being methamphetamine distributors throughout the Charlotte County area. When an individual is facing a federal drug charge, he or she typically chooses to consult a criminal defense attorney experienced in handling cases at the federal level.

The Narcotics Unit of the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office and the Drug Enforcement Administration Office in Fort Myers worked in tandem to conduct a lengthy investigation into one of the suspects, starting in 2014. They allege that he was responsible for the distribution of what they think were many-pound quantities of Methamphetamine throughout Charlotte and surrounding counties. Another man reportedly assisted this man by receiving the meth and by using both surveillance and other counter-surveillance in order to deter any law enforcement.

Search warrants were obtained by the authorities for homes in Florida as well as cell phones. According to the authorities, this provided the probable cause that both men were involved in the possession of as well as selling of the meth. The two were indicted by a federal grand jury on colluding with the intent to distribute the meth.

The two accused individuals will be fully within their rights to pursue and a vigorous criminal defense. A federal drug charge conviction can come with very severe penalties, including significant fines and extended time in a federal penitentiary. Accordingly, individuals facing these kinds of allegations are best served by working with a defense attorney who is intimately familiar with federal law and procedures.

Source:, “2 Charlotte County men indicted on drug charges”, Dec. 16, 2015


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