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Parents of missing child arrested on drug possession charges

Parents of a missing 21-month-old child were recently arrested on drug possession charges, according to the Baker County Sheriff’s Office. The arrest of the parents took place on a recent Wednesday night in Florida. Additionally, a third person was also arrested in relation to drug possession charges.

After the authorities received intelligence, the parents were put under surveillance for nearly a month by local authorities. The husband was charged with the sale of opiates, the sale of synthetic narcotics, as well as possession of synthetic narcotics with an intent to sell. The wife, from whom undercover investigators purchased drugs from twice in one day, is facing similar drug charges, including sale of synthetic narcotics and possession, as well as use, of drug paraphernalia.

The husband and wife, who were in a motel in Macclenny, were accompanied by a third individual. This man is also currently facing drug charges for the sale and possession of synthetic narcotics. The arrest came a few hours after the parents appeared in court for a custody hearing regarding their 5-year-old child. The parents had been ordered by the judge to undergo drug tests, as well as mental examinations.

All three individuals will each be separately facing these allegations, and all will have the opportunity to defend themselves in the upcoming criminal proceedings. Each individual will be entitled to the same legal protections that are applicable to all individuals accused of crimes throughout the state of Florida. Although being convicted of drug possession charges could result in significant penalties, the burden of proof lies solely on the prosecution to prove that the crimes occurred beyond all reasonable doubt.

Source:, “Lonzie Barton’s parents arrested in Baker County on drug charges“, Sept. 16, 2015


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