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Man facing 10 counts of prescription drug possession charges

A Florida man who was arrested on a recent Tuesday for driving without his license ended up in more trouble after being taken to Palm Beach County Jail. In the booking area, when he was asked to open his mouth, the 26-year-old man allegedly spit out plastic baggies that contained drugs. As a result, he is now facing a multitude of drug-related charges, including prescription drug possession.

According to the report, sheriff’s deputies with the Palm Beach County Police Department had been called to a fast food restaurant near the South Dixie Highway to respond to a report of a suspicious vehicle that had been parked in its lot for over an hour. Upon arrival, they found the vehicle in question running and the driver, according to the report, admitted to not having a valid driver’s license. He was taken into police custody and brought to the Palm Beach County Jail.

It was then that, after opening his mouth and spitting out its contents, deputies discovered around seven small plastic baggies filled with drugs. Each contained around .2 grams of what is suspected to be cocaine. An additional bag held several pills of what was believed to be a controlled substance. He is now facing 10 counts of possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, in addition to drug possession charges related to possession of cocaine, possession of drug equipment and possession of heroin.

As the accused man is facing serious criminal charges, he may decide to enlist experienced criminal defense representation. He is guaranteed the presumption of innocence before a Florida criminal court. This means that the burden of proving the prescription drug possession charges he faces rests with prosecutors and that no criminal conviction is possible unless they are able to provide relevant and competent evidence that establishes each and every element of the crimes charged beyond a reasonable doubt.

Source:, “PBSO: Man arrested spits out mouthful of seven plastic bags with drugs”, Jorge Milian, Oct. 7, 2015


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