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Man allegedly selling drugs from business facing charges

As many Florida residents know, many tourists come to Florida to take in the beautiful vistas, relax on the state’s miles of beaches and play golf. Before heading to the beach or golf course, some tourists might find themselves stopping off at a sports store for beach-going or golf essentials. Little did patrons of one sports store know that new golf clubs and swimsuits were not the only thing the store’s owner was selling — he was also allegedly selling drugs.

A Florida man is currently in police custody after being arrested recently. According to the police, the man is facing drug charges after deputies in Hillsborough County claim that he was selling drugs from a sportswear store in Carrollwood that he owned. He is currently being held at the county jail on a $37,500 bond.

According to the police, the 43-year-old man had been selling cocaine from the store. At the time he was arrested, deputies state that he had nearly 14 grams of cocaine as well as a loaded firearm in his pocket. The man is a convicted felon and was released from the Florida State Prison in 2011.

When an individual in Florida learns that they have been accused of selling drugs, they typically seek to prepare a full defense against such claims. As selling drugs can be a serious accusation that can lead to harsh penalties, those who stand accused know that the defense they present is very important. In these cases, defendants typically consult an experienced criminal defense attorney in order to fully understand all of the charges and claims that have been made against them as they work on preparing their defense.

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