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2 men arrested in federal drug crime case

Two Florida men have been taken into custody on suspicion that they were shipping the street drug called flakka by mail. The federal drug crime case alleges that the men were mailing flakka from China to Broward County. The two men, who are aged 25 and 21, were released from custody after posting bond on a recent Thursday. 

The men were arrested by federal agents in Hollywood. According to authorities, the men were caught picking up several packages that had been shipped to a Florida mailbox and shipping store. The packages allegedly contained the street drug. 

Even though the drug flakka is illegal in the United States, Chinese pharmaceutical labs will readily ship the substance to anyone in the United States who orders it online. According to authorities, psychosis-inducing flakka is dangerous. It has been linked to more than one death in Florida, in addition to multiple bizarre incidents. In one case, a man was seen running nude after taking the drug. Another man reportedly impaled himself on a fence.

Although the two men were arrested and later released on bond, federal drug crime charges are still pending. It may be that the authorities are waiting to finish their investigations before formalizing their charges against the two men. Once the charges have been finalized, the two will have the opportunity to defend themselves in court, and prosecutors will have the burden of actually proving the formal accusations. The direction the accused choose to take will likely be dictated by the quality and strength of the evidence offered against each individual. 

Source: South Florida Sun-Sentinel, “Two Florida men accused of trying to pick up flakka from Broward County mailboxes“, Paula Mcmahon and Tonya Alanez, June 11, 2015


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