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Driver arrested for drug possession after his vehicle crashes

In the state of Florida and elsewhere in the nation, any persons accused of  crimes are entitled to defend themselves when facing the charges brought against them in court. In a recent case, a young man was charged with drug possession after reportedly being pursued by police officers for driving with excessive speed. A court appearance has been scheduled early in May.

The incident is said to have occurred in the wee hours after midnight on a Monday in late March. The 30-year-old driver was allegedly witnessed by law enforcement officers speeding on U.S. Highway 98. An officer stated that he applied his emergency lights in an effort to pull the vehicle over in order to make the traffic stop. Instead of pulling over, the driver is said to have attempted to flee.

According to reports, the fleeing vehicle veered off the road and subsequently crashed into a nearby tree. Police say the driver tried to hide in a tall field of grass in the area, but he was located shortly thereafter. After searching his vehicle, police issued multiple charges against the man, including possession of a controlled substance, resisting arrest in a non-violent manner and operating a vehicle while his licensed was revoked.

Those facing multiple criminal charges in Florida retain the right to defend themselves with regard to each specific charge. A person convicted of drug possession can incur very serious penalties, including incarceration. Those accused maintain their innocence under state law unless proved guilty in court and beyond a reasonable doubt.

Source:, “Man facing drug charges after crash“, April 14, 2015


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