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Man faces drug possession charges in Florida

One man in Florida currently faces drug-related charges after police received a complaint about noise. When people are accused of drug possession, they may be nervous about what the outcome of the charges will be. However, the criminal justice system views the person as innocent until and unless he or she is proved guilty and the accused person can rightfully defend his or her innocence.

In this recent Florida case, police said they received a call about teens being too loud in the area of a park close to midnight. Authorities talked to four individuals in the park in response to the complaint. While talking to them, they said they smelled marijuana. However, all four individuals denied that they had smoked anything.

While searching one of the individuals, said to be 18, police discovered two pills that he claimed to be Adderall, which the man said he had bought from a friend. Police identified the drugs as a medication for ADHD called Vyvanse. The man has been charged with possessing a drug with no prescription.

The man’s drug possession charges need to be proved beyond a reasonable doubt; otherwise, a judge will not hand down a conviction in his case. Getting convicted of drug possession can have life-changing consequences, such as affecting a person’s ability to pursue jobs in certain industries or even rent a vehicle. It is within the rights of the man to seek an outcome that will be in his or her favor long-term, in light of the circumstances surrounding the criminal case in Florida.

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