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Fort Myers prescription drug crime charges

Many people rely on prescription drugs to stay alive. Others use them to live and function in the world without severe and debilitating pain. Whatever the reason you take prescription drugs, though, it is illegal to buy them or take them if they have not been prescribed to you by a medical professional authorized to do so by law. Barring such permission, a Fort Myers resident in possession of prescription drugs could be arrested for a prescription drug crime.

In some cases, prescription drug allegations are easy to defend against — especially if the individual has a prescription to take and buy the drug at issue. If the person can produce proof of the prescription, his or her charges will usually be dropped or dismissed. In other cases, if the person cannot show a valid and lawful reason for being in possession of the drugs, he or she could be in danger of being convicted of a prescription drug crime.

Prescription drug crimes range in severity — from simple possession of a small amount to charges of pharmaceutical trafficking and sales. Prescription drug trafficking and sales comes with the threat of serious consequences if an individual is convicted of the crime. This is why accused individuals will likely want to obtain professional legal counsel to represent them in their criminal court cases.

Attorney Ian F. Man is highly experienced when it comes to litigating and defending against prescription drug crime allegations in Fort Myers. He takes a unique approach to the defense of each case he handles, and he will not carry out any legal strategies on your behalf until he has reviewed the details of your case — including police reports, arrest reports, evidence, eyewitness testimony and other information. If you have any questions about your prescription drug case, contact Ian F. Mann for a free initial consultation today.


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