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25-year-old Florida woman accused of illegal drug sales

A young Florida woman was recently taken into custody by authorities in Washington County and is facing drug charges. Authorities had been searching for the 25-year-old woman ever since a warrant was issued for her arrest. Until her arrest, authorities wanted her as a fugitive from justice due to her alleged connection with drug sales activity in the area.

According to jailhouse records, police in Dothan arrested the woman on a recent Tuesday morning. She was initially taken into custody on the fugitive from justice charge. She has since been charged with selling alprazolam and methamphetamine.

Authorities say that they uncovered the woman’s alleged crimes by way of a drug crimes investigation that had been ongoing for six months. As a result of that investigation, approximately more than two dozen individuals were charged with crimes. The investigation focused on crimes relating to the sale of methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine and prescription drugs. The investigation was managed by the Washington County Drug Task Force and included the participation of several area law enforcement agencies, including the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and Chipley Police Department.

There are a lot of ways that an individual could find him or herself in trouble with the law and facing charges of drug sales. However, just because a Florida resident has been charged with a crime does not mean that he or she is guilty. Also, Florida courts honor a legal presumption that an accused person remains innocent of the allegations until — and only if — he or she is proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in court.

Source: Dothan Eagle: Crime Court, “Dothan police arrest woman wanted on Florida drug charges“, Matt Elofson, Oct. 14, 2014


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