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Two arrested on Florida parole violation, drug possession charges

A man wanted by Southwest Florida authorities was arrested on a recent Saturday in Hendry County. A warrant had been issued for the man’s arrest due to a probation violation. While arresting him, authorities also arrested his girlfriend, who was charged with drug possession relating to cocaine, harboring a fugitive and other offenses.

Police claim that the man has repeatedly violated the law and was wanted by authorities in Lee County. A spokesperson for Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers made strong statements about the arrest to the media, saying that alleged criminals believe they can outsmart authorities. However, according to her, they will eventually be caught.

Authorities say that criminals who are caught in the act will have to face their crimes in court. Indeed, if an accused person is charged with a crime, he or she could be punished if convicted in a court of law. The spokesperson further commended the U.S. Marshals for a job well-done with regard to their efforts in tracking the man down. Both of the individuals arrested in this case are being held at the jail in Hendry County.

The arrested individuals in this Florida case will not face punishment unless and until a court of proper jurisdiction finds them guilty of the parole violation, drug possession and related charges. Depending on the factual circumstances surrounding a given case, a conviction may be a difficult challenge for prosecutors to achieve. This is especially true if the accused persons present a strong criminal defense against the allegations. Even if the cards are seemingly stacked against them, though, it may be possible to negotiate plea agreements with prosecutors to achieve less severe punishments or receive other favorable treatment in court.

Source:, “One of area’s most wanted fugitives is captured“, Eric Maze, Aug. 10, 2014


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