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Authorities arrest Florida pair on drug possession charges

Police in Cape Coral took a Florida man and woman into custody on charges of heroin trafficking. In addition to drug possession and trafficking offenses, the man was also charged with illegal firearm possession. The arrest was made on a recent Saturday evening during a routine traffic stop for an alleged seatbelt violation in Cape Coral.

The arrest occurred at approximately 7:30 p.m., when a Cape Coral officer allegedly saw that a passenger riding in a green Honda was not using his seatbelt. After pulling over the car, authorities say that a K9 police dog sniffed the air around the car and identified the scent of narcotics. After the sniff test, the people inside the car were asked to get out and the vehicle was searched.

The 24-year-old woman who was driving the vehicle told officers that police dogs always alert to drugs being in their cars, but police are never able to find drugs. While searching the vehicle, though, officers claim they found a handgun and ammunition. Police say that the man was the owner of the weapon, and since he was a convicted felon, his alleged ownership of the weapon resulted in the felony handgun charges. Officers further allege that they discovered heroin baggies in the trunk of the car and over $4,000 in cash.

When individuals face drug possession and/or drug trafficking offenses in a Florida court, they will have the opportunity to assert legal defenses against the crimes. Also, they remain innocent in the eyes of the law until (and only if) an actual conviction occurs. Legal defenses asserted in such matters often depend on the nature of the facts and evidence that led to the arrest. If the evidence is particularly strong, for example, the accused may opt to seek a plea bargain in exchange for a reduction in punishment.

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