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9 arrested in marijuana drug trafficking sting

Authorities have arrested nine people in a large-scale Florida marijuana drug ring bust. Allegedly, a 40-year-old man had been organizing the growth of marijuana in more than one grow house in Polk County, Florida. Police claim that they followed the man down to south Florida while he was making a marijuana drug trafficking delivery. That is when authorities claim to have found $17,000 cash inside the vehicle the man was driving.

Police continued to trail the man and allege that they observed him deconstructing his marijuana grow houses out of fear that they would be discovered. Allegedly, the man arranged to have his marijuana-growing materials stored in boxes at another home for a price of $10,000. Police believe that the suspected drug trafficking group had been operating in both the central and south Florida areas.

During the operation, police say that they confiscated cash, vehicles, a variety of marijuana-growing paraphernalia, 70 pot plants and nearly 100 pounds of marijuana. The arrests and property seizures came about as the result of an investigation that had been ongoing since last month. It is unknown if authorities plan to track down and arrest any more individuals relating to this case.

Every Florida resident accused of drug trafficking — no matter the evidence and severity of those charges — has the right to due process under the United States Constitution. Essentially, this means that Florida courts are required to preserve and protect the accused person’s rights and liberties. The three key parts of an individual’s right to due process include: the right to know one’s charges; the right to defend against witness allegations; and the right to have a jury of one’s peers decide one’s case.

Source:, “11 arrested, nearly 100 lbs of marijuana seized“, Tammie Fields, June 24, 2014


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