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10 arrested in Florida drug trafficking bust

A drug bust in Volusia County has resulted in the arrest of 10 different individuals. The Florida drug bust came about as a result of neighborhood residents complaining that drug deals were being carried out in their community. The narcotics task force for West Volusia County carried out the drug trafficking arrests.

Investigations began with undercover law enforcement officers completing drug buys in DeLand. The drug dealers were allegedly selling marijuana, cocaine and prescription drugs on the street. Follow-up investigations led to various arrest warrants being issued. Then, agents took the streets, arrested the alleged drug dealers and brought them into custody.

By the end of the operation, authorities had arrested a total of 10 individuals. Authorities are still pursuing six more suspects who have yet to be captured. Both the DeLand Police Department and the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office were involved in the drug operations.

The suspects, who are ages 19 to 55, have been accused of a wide variety of drug trafficking charges and other crimes. One 19-year-old suspect, for example, has been charged with cocaine sales, oxycodone possession and delivering cocaine in the vicinity of a park. In fact, many of the suspects in this police round-up have been accused of delivering drugs inside the vicinity of a park.

In spite of the severity of their charges, these individuals will have the opportunity to assert legal defenses in order to try to get their drug trafficking charges dropped, dismissed and/or achieve other favorable results. While no guarantees can be made regarding the results of Florida criminal defense proceedings, in some cases, accused individuals can better their situation by casting doubt upon the prosecution’s version of the facts in their case. They may also succeed in getting certain evidence dropped. Or, they might reach a favorable plea-bargaining arrangement with the prosecution by pleading guilty to certain charges in exchange for a reduction in punishments.

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