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South Florida Facebook user arrested on drug sales charges

A man from South Florida has been arrested and charged with drug sales after authorities allegedly found selfie photos of him conducting drug deals on Facebook. Police say that the 21-year-old man from Port St. Lucie was using his social media page to boast about his drug deals. In one photo, he is even alleged to have been conducting drug sales, while standing next to sheriff’s deputies.

The MCSO announced the arrest of the 21-year-old man on its own social media page. The law enforcement agency shared the photos that led to the man’s arrest publicly. In one of the photos, the man is described as being pulled up next to one of the agency’s deputies in a car. Another photo shows the man in his car with drugs and cash related to his drug sales while his vehicle is next to a patrol car.

The police displayed more photos, including an undercover camera photo that allegedly shows the man selling drugs to an undercover agent. The next photo shows the man being booked at the jailhouse in Martin County. Police will now likely use the alleged photographic evidence found on the man’s social media page against him in court.

This case highlights the way that police and other law enforcers are increasingly turning to social media in order to make drug sales allegations. Those who are facing criminal charges in court, and evidence from Facebook, Twitter, or some other social media internet outlet is being used against them, may wish to consider various legal strategies to combat that evidence. Indeed, not all evidence will be deemed admissible in criminal court proceedings. Also, not all evidence is exactly what it appears to be, which is why this Florida man will have the ability to defend himself against the charges in court and give his version of the facts surrounding his case.

Source:, “Man posts drug dealing selfie online, gets arrested“, Travis Gibson, May 11, 2014


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