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2 Florida men arrested on drug sales charges

Police have taken two individuals from Florida into custody and accused them of dealing drugs. The drug sales arrests were made in Union County on a recent Wednesday afternoon. The two men, ages 34 and 57, were charged with drug possession, using electronic devices for drug sales and transactions, and intended delivery of drugs. They were also charged with possessing a spring assisted weapon.

The arrests came following an undercover drug investigation conducted by the Union County Sheriff’s Office, the Florida Department of Corrections and Bradford County. Authorities say that when they arrested the men, they confiscated cocaine, marijuana, cash and the men’s rental car. Authorities say that, in addition to the charges listed above, the men will be charged with more crimes based on undercover operations that had been conducted previously.

The county sheriff made a statement saying that narcotics trafficking inside Union County creates problems for its citizens and law enforcement. He said that he is committed to Union County being a place that does not tolerate illegal narco-trafficking. The sheriff’s department has requested that anyone who has information relating to drug transactions contact the sheriff’s department to report the details anonymously.

Numerous individuals are arrested and charged with drug sales crimes in Florida every single week. However, being accused of such crimes does not mean that prosecutors will succeed in proving that one is guilty in a court of law. Indeed, the accused in such matters can assert legal defenses to cast doubt on the prosecution’s version of the facts during his or her criminal court proceedings. Barring the prosecution’s ability to prove one guilty beyond reasonable doubt in such cases, which is often difficult for the prosecution to achieve, the accused individual may be able to obtain a verdict of not guilty relating to the charges.

Source:, “2 arrested in Union County drug bust“, , April 30, 2014


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