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South Florida father and son arrested on charges of selling drugs

Two members of the same family, a father and son, have been arrested in South Florida on charges of selling drugs. Allegedly, anonymous tips led authorities to the Miami home of the duo, where police claim they observed them selling drugs. The charges brought against the accused individuals in this case are indeed grave. However, both men will have the right to defend themselves against the charges, and depending on the facts, they may be able to get some of their charges dropped or dismissed.

According to police reports, the Miami-Dade Police Department executed a search warrant on the home of the father and son. While searching the residence, police say they discovered illegal drugs and weapons. Among the drugs allegedly found were cocaine, MDMA, marijuana, magic mushrooms and hashish. Authorities further claim to have seized 14 rifles and 9 handguns.

Police charged the son with marijuana sales and illegal possession of firearms after having committed a felony. The son was further charged with crimes relating to the possession of MDMA and marijuana. The father was charged with armed drug trafficking of cocaine.

While the charges faced by these men are serious, they are not uncommon. Numerous Florida residents have been charged with selling drugs and succeeded in greatly improving their legal situations. Depending on one’s unique situation, and after examining all the facts and circumstances surrounding an arrest, the most effective legal defense will be revealed. Indeed, just because an individual has been accused of a crime does not mean that he or she will ultimately be found guilty in a court of law.

Source: NBC South Florida, “Father, Son Accused of Dealing Drugs“, , March 27, 2014


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