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Florida woman arrested on vehicle theft and drug sales charges

A Florida woman was recently arrested and accused of being in possession of a stolen car. The 24-year-old woman was stopped on a recent Tuesday in an area of Bradford County that is commonly referred to as Speedville. Allegedly, authorities pulled the woman over for not using her seatbelt, but she was later arrested on drug sales, car theft and other allegations.

After detaining the woman, sheriff’s deputies ran her Florida license plate in their computer system and apparently discovered that the car she was driving had been reported as stolen. Next, deputies proceeded to search the vehicle. Allegedly, they found cocaine, oxycodone and marijuana in the car.

The woman was arrested on multiple charges. Her criminal allegations include possession of cocaine and marijuana. More seriously, however, she has been charged with the theft of a vehicle and drug trafficking of oxycodone.

After being taken into custody, the woman was held on bond of $140,000 at the jail in Bradford County. At this time, one of the most serious charge she faces is, with all probability, the charge of vehicular theft. However, it may be that she can effectively explain her reasons for driving the car in the hope of having those charges dropped or dismissed.

Still, she will also have to defend herself against the charges relating to oxycodone drug sales. Such drug sales charges are serious enough to land the woman in a Florida jail if she is found guilty. Therefore, it will be in her best interests to defend herself against the allegations as strategically as possible. If it is unlikely that she will get any of her charges dropped, she may also be able to negotiate a plea agreement with the prosecution in order to lessen any punishments associated with any charge to which she agrees to plead guilty.

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