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NCAA football signee arrested for drug possession in Florida

It is easy to make mistakes when one is young. In many cases, it’s just part of the growing-up process. In the best-case scenarios, a person takes whatever lessons can be learned from the misstep and moves on without doing permanent damage to his or her future. A young football player who was recently arrested for drug possession in Florida, is hoping that’s the case in his situation.

Kalvaraz Bessent, a highly regarded cornerback slated to play football for Auburn University, was arrested recently during a routine traffic stop. According to reports, Bessent was riding in a car with three other men when the vehicle was pulled over for speeding. While talking to the driver, police allegedly smelled marijuana coming from the car and conducted a search.

Officers reportedly discovered just over 7 ounces of marijuana divided into four bags. They also reported finding a handgun that was covered with a T-shirt. All the items were allegedly underneath the vehicle’s front seat.

None of the people in the car admitted they owned any of the items unearthed during the search. The four men were arrested and charged with several felony drug charges, including possession and intent to sell. No charges were filed in regards to the gun. Bessent paid a bond of just over $5,500 and was released. He is scheduled to be arraigned in late February.

Auburn officials have not yet announced whether Bessent will be allowed on the school’s football team or if his offer to play will be rescinded. They say they are examining the facts behind the drug possession charge and gathering information before acting. In that way, the school is similar to the Florida court system Bessent is entering. Only after a thorough review of the situation and the legal implications it presents can a fair resolution be achieved. Nevertheless, the Florida criminal justice system affords an individual accused of a crime with the presumption of innocence unless and until prosecutors can prove otherwise by competent and relevant proof.

Source: Florida Today, Auburn signee Kalvaraz Bessent arrested on drug charges, James Crepea, Feb. 9, 2014


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