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47-year-old Florida man arrested on drug possession charge

Being arrested and accused of drug charges is never an easy experience. The fear of conviction and the possibility of serving jail time can be particularly unnerving. Even a simple drug possession charge can result in severe punishments. However, any Florida resident who faces the threat of a drug conviction will have numerous criminal defense strategies at his or her disposal to try and get those charges dropped.

On Thursday, Oct. 10, a 47-year-old man was arrested in Defuniak Springs, Florida based on allegations of drug possession. Sheriff’s deputies claim that they discovered methamphetamine and cocaine inside the man’s truck and home. The controlled substances were allegedly found after deputies entered and searched the man’s home. According to the arrest report, deputies received a report that told them the man was maintaining a stash of drugs in his residence.

In addition to the controlled substances, deputies allege that they discovered cut straws with a residue on them, which had been inserted into light bulbs. Deputies believe that light bulbs were being used as drug paraphernalia for smoking. Deputies also found two bags which allegedly contained cocaine and methamphetamine inside the man’s dresser. Other controlled substances were discovered in the man’s vehicle.

Sheriff’s deputies have allegedly discovered a variety of evidence, which they will use to try and convict this man of one or more drug possession charges. However, the accused man in this Florida drug case will have the liberty of employing various criminal defense tactics to better his legal situation. He may be able to get some or all of his charges dropped with professional assistance. At the very least, he may be able to achieve a reduction of punishments or lesson the amount of jail time he is forced to serve.

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