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Florida officials say drug possession of Molly is increasing

Recently, former Disney star, Miley Cyrus has been in the news for many reasons. First she was seen proactively dancing on a television music award show. Now she is making headlines for her alleged promotion of a drug named, Molly. This drug is making it sway into Florida, a recent report notes and may lead some to face arrest for crimes such as drug possession.

Molly is described a pure form of the club drug, Ecstasy. The drug is said to cause euphoria in its users. Many people take it in a pill form and experience a high that lasts three to six hours. The drug has become more popular as it has been promoted by singers such as Cyrus.

According to Florida officials, the drug can be dangerous to some users. Some have expressed concerns about the growing usage. This may lead to changes in the status of the drug ad arrests for crimes such as drug possession.

Facing arrest for drug possession, rather it is for a designer drug such as Molly or another material, can be a stressful event for people in Florida. However, many find that they are relieved when the learn that they have a fundamental right to defend themselves against the accusations from officials. In such cases, people can question all aspects of their case. This effort often ends with the discovery of procedural errors or other defects in a case that allows a person in our state to avoid severe penalties for the use or possession of a drug.

Source: Daily Commercial: News, Something about Molly, Millard K. Ives, Sept. 22, 2013


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