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Drug sales among charges made against Florida man

A police dog named Harley was recently involved in a case that happened in Hollywood. The dog was a part of a law enforcement group that entered a Florida home that they suspected was involved in drug activity. The dog sniffed the premises, an action that ended with accusations against three people for drug sales and possession.

According to a report form Florida officials, the dog and other officers found a crack pipe, Xanax tablets, marijuana and cash in the Hollywood area home. The homeowner told police that he had rented the residence to a couple who then sub-let the premises to the man who now stands accused of drug sales from the property. The others who were arrested were not listed on the sub-lease, according to the report.

Police say that they had received information about a high level of traffic coming and going from the home where the incident occurred. They say that they had an informant purchase drugs, including crack cocaine, from the premises prior to the arrests. In addition, police assert that one of those facing criminal charges has been arrested for similar crimes in the past.

Those who have been accused of drug sales and possession must now work to defend themselves against the claims. This defense effort will likely include the questioning of all aspects of the investigation and searches that led to the arrests. Police in Florida must follow procedures before making accusations relating to drug sales or possession, and if those are not followed, the arrests that are made may be found to be invalid. If that is the case, those who have been accused of crimes may be freed of accusations.

Source: Sun-Sentinel, Hollywood: Man with lengthy record arrested again; accused of running, Ihosvani Rodriguez and Erika Pesantes, Aug. 30, 2013


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