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4 men arrested for drug sales and trafficking in Florida

An affluent Florida community was surprised recently when an arrest happened in their quiet town. The arrests for drug sales and trafficking happened in Weston, in a neighborhood known for its quiet, suburban streets. Now, four men are working to defend themselves against the criminal accusations that have been filed.

According to a report form Florida officials, police arrived at a home on Ranch Road in the late afternoon of a weekday. When they arrived, they say that they found as many as 100 marijuana plants growing on the property. Once inside the 7,000 square foot home, police also found 50 pounds of already processed drugs.

The discoveries led to the arrest of the four people in the home for drug-related crimes such as drug sales, possession and trafficking. All of those suspected were male, and it is unclear if they resided at the home prior to their arrests. However, neighbors told officials that they did not suspect that a drug operation was taking place in the stately home.

Being accused of a crime such as drug sales or trafficking can be a stressful event for people in Florida. Once the accusation is made, it can be helpful for people to begin the process of defending themselves by completing a review of all of the evidence presented against them and the laws that apply tot heir case. This information, in combination with advice from experienced professionals, can help to ensure that the best possible outcome happens for those who face criminal charges in our state.

Source: CBS Miami, Suspected Marijuana Grow House Busted In Weston, No author, Sept. 13, 2013


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