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Florida mother and sons face drug possession and other charges

Recent arrests here in Florida related to drug crime included those of a mother and her two sons. Each of those accused by officials have been charged with drug possession and other crimes. Now, they must work to present a defense against the assertions by local officials that they were not only in possession of drugs but maintaining a home for the purpose of its manufacture, at least in the case of the mother.

According to a report from Florida officials, police were contacted and told that at least two men were in the area of Haines City selling drugs. They say that they investigated, leading to the arrest for drug possession and other crimes of one man. Police assert that he had possession of 8.5 pounds of processed meth and even more of the drug in a liquid form.

After the initial search and arrest, police moved to the homes of the mother of the man and his brother. There they say that they found more than a pound of the powerful drug and $34,000 in cash. Others who were in the homes also now face the drug possession allegations.

Being charged with a crime such as drug possession or trafficking can be a stressful event for people in Florida. When this type of action occurs, many find it helpful to seek the assistance of experienced professionals who are able to build a defense against the criminal claims. This effort can pay off when an individual who had been accused of a crime is able to be freed.

Source:, “Five people arrested in Polk County drug investigation,” July 20, 2013


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