Florida officials say that they have arrested two people after being called to a local restaurant about an armed disturbance. The two were charged with drug possession and weapons crimes. They are now awaiting court dates to respond to the accusations.

Florida police say that they came to a Waffle House in Fort Walton Beach when people inside reported that an armed incident was occurring. Once there, police found a young man with a weapon, a potential violation of a previous charge for which he was convicted. In addition, they say that a young woman was in a car awaiting the man’s return.

Both of those accused of drug possession crimes reportedly had controlled substances with them. The man is accused of having less than 20 ounces of a green plant substance that apparently tested positive for marijuana. The woman allegedly had a white powder referred to as ‘Molly.’ It is said to be a type of methamphetamine.

Now, both of those who have been accused must work to defend themselves against the criminal charges. The good news for them, and for all who face such charges in Florida, is that they have a right to present a full defense against the accusations of drug possession and other crimes. This defense can include questioning all aspects of their arrest, as well as challenging the admissibility of any evidence offered against them. This may particularly be important in this case for the woman, who was waiting in the car while the accused man was in the Waffle House. In both instances, police were governed by specific procedural requirements that may come into question as the case proceeds.

Source: NWF Daily News, “Duo arrested at Waffle House for gun, drugs,” May 1, 2013