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Arrest of 4 people for drug possession in Florida recently

Florida police say that a homeowner allowed them to enter a home recently in Caryville. Once inside, they say that they found various drug related items and a small child. The incident led to the arrest of four people on criminal charges that included drug possession and child neglect.

The incident began when Florida officials got a report about drug activity at a local home. The responded to the complaint and say they asked to enter the home in question. They assert that those inside had several bottles of methamphetamine as well as materials for its production.

The criminal charges relating to the search of the home included those of drug possession, manufacturing methamphetamines and child neglect. The child-related charges came after police reportedly discovered a 3-year-old in the home, though it is unclear of any of those arrested were related to the toddler. Al of those arrested will likely appear in a local court in the coming weeks.

The criminal charges of drug possession and manufacturing are serious ones that can be stressful for those in Florida who stand accused of such crimes. The good news for those folks is that they have a right to present a defense against the allegations that includes questioning all aspects of their arrest, including the search of the home. In addition, accused individuals, after discussion with their representatives, sometimes choose to accept the charges made against them. Making an informed decision as to their efforts to fight criminal claims is important and can require a detailed review of evidence and the applicable laws.

Source: News Herald Staff, “Four arrested in Washington County drug investigation,” May 17, 2013


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