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Florida real estate agent accused of prescription drug crime

Florida was hit especially hard during the recent real estate crisis. Many people who found that their home values fell during the crisis are now listing them for sale, as some areas begin to experience a recovery. However, when a person lists a house, they typically place their trust in a real estate agent. In one recent case, this trust may have been broken, and a woman now stands accused of prescription drug crime.

The real estate agent at the center of this prescription drug crime case is listed as the agent on as many as eight homes in the Port Orange area. One of her clients reported to police his suspicions that the agent had been stealing drugs and money from his home. He apparently set up a video camera to determine if this was the case.

Officials say that the video shows that the agent had removed prescription drugs from the home of her client. She now faces prescription drug related criminal charges. It is unclear if she will be charged with the taking of any cash from the home.

Like others in Florida who have been accused of prescription drug crime, the woman in this case has the right to present a full defense against the criminal accusations. This defense can include a challenge to the evidence presented against her, such as the video taken by her client. In addition to putting forth a vigorous defense, she may also elect to explore the possibility of a plea agreement with prosecutors in an attempt to drop some of the criminal charges against her and limit the potential sentence she would face if convicted of all counts after trial.

Source:, “Real estate agent charged with stealing prescription drugs in Port Orange,” Katie Kustura, March 22, 2013


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