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Florida man faces drug trafficking charges

Florida police are seeking to find a man that they say was involved in criminal activity in our state. He is wanted for crimes that include drug trafficking. Officials say that he may have left the country, though they are unsure of his whereabouts at this time.

Florida officials say that the man who they are seeking was the owner of several pharmacies across the state. From these facilities, the man at the center of this drug trafficking case purportedly issued prescriptions for drugs such as Oxycodone. They believe that the man may have been a part of a drug trafficking ring that included at least three other people. The three others were arrested for similar crimes in 2010.

Only one of the medical facilities once owned by the man continues to operate in this state. Three others were closed as a result of the ongoing official case against the man. Police say that they have not had contact with the accused since May 2012.

Like all others who are accused of crimes in Florida, the former pharmacy owner in this case will be able to assert a complete defense against the allegations of drug trafficking when and if he is found and arrested. This defense will likely include a review of all of the evidence that authorities are prepared to present against him. There is a great deal of difference between accusations of criminal conduct and a conviction. The government will have the sole burden of proving that the accusations it has made can withstand the rigid scrutiny required in our criminal proceedings.

Source: Bradenton Herald, “Former Manatee pharmacy owner wanted in drug trafficking case,” April 10, 2013


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