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Florida man accused of being involved in drug sales

In an unusual case coming out of Florida, police say that a man has been arrested for assisting in what he thought were drug deliveries. The man has been accused of acting as an armed guard for an informant that he thought was involved in drug sales. The man is now facing multiple criminal charges after being arrested as a part of a recent federal sting operation.

According to a report, the man who stands accused in this case was a paramedic and firefighter in a Florida community until his arrest. Police say that the arrested man offered to escort the informant several times and also offered to act as an alibi in case they were stopped by police. The informant, who was working with federal agents, offered payment to the man of $500 for each kilo of cocaine that was delivered.

It is unclear what charges the man faces as a result of his arrest. However, police report that they observed the accused involved in the drug sales transactions several times over the course of a few weeks. In addition, they say that he accepted money for his services.

Now the man must work to present a full defense against the criminal charges that he faces related to drug sales. If convicted, he not only faces jail time and a possible fine, but it will likely affect his personal and professional life. This defense strategy may include a review of the details of the sting operation that led to his arrest. The ability to present a defense against criminal allegations is a fundamental right for anyone in Florida accused of crimes such as these.

Source: Sun Sentinel, “Santiago Gonzalez: Coral Springs firefighter accused of providing armed protection to drug dealer,” Paula McMahon and Lisa J. Huriash, Jan. 29, 2013


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