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Florida prescription drug crime arrests total 29 in one swoop

Florida officials continue to seek several suspects allegedly involved in a drug crime ring. Others in our state were recently arrested and accused of prescription drug crime. Those who were taken into custody were accused of trafficking in the drugs and conspiring to create fake prescriptions.

Florida police say that the people being sought and those who were arrested were involved in a conspiracy to sell fraudulent drug prescriptions on the streets of our state. According to a report, those involved in this case gained prescriptions containing government tracking numbers from unsuspecting doctors. Once written, the prescriptions were sold on the streets.

The acts that led to the prescription drug crime charges and other felonies included sales of many allegedly false prescriptions for drugs such as oxycodone. In fact, local authorities are said to have dubbed their efforts ‘Operation Rx Printshop’ due to the high number of fake prescriptions involved. In total, the official arrests numbered 29, with several other individuals being sought by police.

Those who have been arrested on the prescription drug crime charges now must face a potentially long criminal process. As some defendants go through the system, they may decide to present a full defense against the claims made against them. This ability to present a defense is a fundamental right for all who stand accused of a crime in our country. As a part of the effort to clear their names, those who have been accused will be allowed to confront all witnesses and evidence against them. This effort sometimes ends with a positive outcome for defendants that do not always include a conviction for the crimes charged.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, “Prescription Sting Arrests Osceola,” Jeff Weiner, Dec. 14, 2012


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