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Florida official among those charged with prescription drug crime

Three people, including at least one from Florida, were recently convicted by a jury of committing crimes related to a drug conspiracy that has spanned more than just our state. The three, including two doctors, were accused of a prescription drug crime relating to the sale of pills to those who had no medical need. The case accused as many as 13 people in total including doctors, pharmacists, a call center manager and others, one report indicates.

The prescription drug crimes charges included the sale of and distribution of drugs including hydrocodone and alprazolam. These powerful pain killers went to people without a medical need, authorities asserted in their case. The drugs were sold by a company owned by another man who pled guilty to having distributed millions of the illegal pills.

The individuals who were recently convicted of the prescription drug crime charges held Florida state licenses including one for a pharmacist and one for a pharmacist assistant. The charges stated that the three were part of the conspiracy that was responsible for the sale and distribution of millions of dollars worth of the drugs across the entire nation. The nationwide case spanned several states and included those in Florida as well as others.

Those who were accused of the prescription drug crime had the fundamental right to present a full defense against the accusations made against them. As a part of that right, they also had the opportunity to plead guilty to the charges or choose to fight against them. Each defendant in a criminal matter has the right to review the accusations made against them and determine if they wish to fight for their innocence or accept the charges.

Source: Tampa Bay Times, “Tampa pharmacist convicted in pill mill case,” Nov. 19, 2012


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