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Eight arrested for drug possession, prostitution in Florida sting

Several people were arrested recently in a Florida sting operation staged by police. Many of those who were arrested now face drug possession charges along with accusations related to prostitution. The arrests were made for a wide range of different types of drugs including cocaine, xanax and zolipidem.

The accused were all arrested in Florida police operations in the Clearwater area. According to police reports, neighbors had indicated that they were concerned about drug activity in the local neighborhoods. Those who were taken into custody range in age from 21 to 59 years old.

Details are few regarding the events surrounding the arrests for drug possession and prostitution. What is clear is that the suspects were found in the same area during the weekend police patrols. Being in the area is not, in itself, a crime; police may have been led to suspect that the individuals were in possession of drugs at some point during their contact with those who were previously arrested.

The people who now face criminal charges, like all of those accused of a crime in our state, will now be able to present a defense against the claims made against them. In situations such as this one, the defense may call for a complete review of the details related to the arrests. This is due to the widespread nature of the arrests that were made by police; it is sometimes the case that those who are accused of a crime during a sting operation are found to be guilty of little more than being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Source: Largo Patch, “Largo Man Arrested in Drug Sting,” Jared Leone, Oct. 9, 2012


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