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Florida man faces federal drug crime charge for redistribution

A Florida man faces 120 months in prison after being convicted by a local federal court. The man, who faced federal drug crime charges, was accused of running a prescription drug diversion scheme across the state. The scheme was said to have a value in the millions of dollars and the man has been ordered to repay $55 million in profits from his endeavors.

The Florida man faced the federal drug crime charges after police say that he diverted drugs from their legal distribution process and put them into other channels for distribution. This redirect occurred both by street sales of medications and by cargo theft. These drug charges were in addition to the money laundering accusations also made against the Florida man.

To facilitate the redistribution of the drugs, the man and his conspirators were accused of creating false pedigrees which stated that the drugs had come from legitimate sources. The results of these actions may have led some of the drugs into the hands of unsuspecting consumers. The consumers may not be aware that they have drugs that have not been stored properly, that have expired, or may have become contaminated.

Though the man was convicted of the federal drug crime charges in this matter, he had the right to present a meaningful defense against the accusations. In this matter, the man made the decision to plead guilty and now awaits the final outcome in more than one charge. Though not a requirement, he may have determined that pleading guilty was the best course of action for his future, given all of the facts and circumstances in the pending proceedings. The good news for anyone accused of a crime on our state is that they have the right to make the decision that is best for them, including mounting a strong defense and fighting for the best possible outcome.

Source:, “Florida man gets 10 years for drug diversion scheme,” Joel Hendon, Sept. 13, 2012


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