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Florida doctors accused of substantial prescription drug crime

Regular Florida readers may know that there have been several arrests in recent months of local doctors. In most of these arrests, the doctors have been accused of running ‘pill mills’ and face prescription drug crime charges. Recently another clinic was raided in our state which led to police arresting seven additional doctors.

The state of Florida, authorities have noted, once held the dubious distinction of having 90 of the top 100 physicians who purchased Oxycodone. There were additionally more pharmacies ordering the drug here than in any other location. In fact, our state was dubbed the ‘Oxy Express’ by some. This information shows that the drugs were being handled by many people in various outlets.

In the most recent arrests, the Florida doctors and three others are accused of the prescription drug crimes as a result of multiple visits to their clinic by undercover agents. The officers reported that they were given cursory medical exams before being prescribed the strong drugs. In one instance, the undercover agent was given Oxycodone after the doctor simply touched his toes.

The doctors in this case that have been accused of prescription drug crimes were arrested in Florida though some were later taken to New York and Chicago to remain in custody. They include not only current employees of the clinic, but also former owners. Because of this, those who are accused of these serious crimes may be able to question aspects of the investigation and arrests as they mount their defense.

It may be the case that some of those arrested recently on suspicion of a prescription drug crime were not involved in the activities of the doctors, but were rather just employees at the site. In either case, each of these people accused of a crime have the right to be presumed innocent until proven otherwise. It may benefit them to act quickly as they form a defense to heighten their opportunities for a successful conclusion.

Source:, “Ten arrested in strike against Florida “pill mill”,” Zachary Fagenson, Aug. 16, 2012


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