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Actor faces drug possession charges in Port St. Lucie

Florida police say they served a search warrant on the home of actor Matthew Underwood recently in Port St. Lucie. As a result of the search, the actor was arrested on drug possession charges. Another person in the home was also arrested at the time the warrant was served.

The actor, who intends to open a local Florida club in the coming weeks, questioned why police would search his home, according to reports. However, authorities say they had received complaints about suspected drug activity in the home. But the search resulted in police seizing less than 20 grams of what was said to be marijuana.

Like all in Florida who have been arrested on drug possession charges, the actor will have the opportunity to defend against the charges when he appears in local court. This defense can include the right to question all aspects of his arrest and the search of his house. Additionally he will have the opportunity to assert his innocence by confronting any witness presented against him as well as the right to challenge any physical evidence offered.

A conviction on drug possession charges requires that the prosecutor prove before the court that the accused is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This high standard can be challenging for a prosecutor if there is little or tainted evidence in a case. In cases like this one where a search was conducted, there are additional questions as to the validity of the search.

When a person in Florida finds that they have been charged with drug possession offense, they may do well to consider all aspects of their arrest as they present a defense. This review should be comprehensive and include any search or seizure of evidence. Just like anyone else accused of a crime in our state, those accused of drug possession charges are innocent until proven guilty.

Source:, “Actor arrested on drug charges at Port St. Lucie home claims raid an attempt to keep his hookah lounge from opening,” Will Greenlee, May 1, 2012


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