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Fort Myers Illegal Traffic Stop Lawyer

If you have been charged with a drug crime as the result of police searching your car, it is important to make sure your rights have not been violated. In many cases, overzealous police officers violate a defendant’s constitutional rights in conducting a stop and search. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can make sure your rights are protected.

Ian F. Mann is a former prosecutor who has dealt with search and seizure issues from the perspective of the prosecutor. As a defense lawyer with more than 25 years of experience, he knows how to identify illegal stops and other police violations to help his clients obtain favorable results in drug crime defense cases.

Contact the law office of Ian F. Mann today online or by telephone at 239-935-5935 or toll free at 866-416-1488 to speak with an experienced Fort Myers illegal traffic stop attorney.

Don’t Consent to the Search

If an officer pulls you over and asks your permission to search your vehicle, you should never consent. In fact, many people wind up going to jail as a result of searches that did not have to take place.

If the officer demands to search your car, that is a different story. But if he or she suggests you have a choice, you should always politely decline the request.

Was the Stop Legal?

In drug crime defense cases, search and seizure issues are often at the forefront. A skilled defense lawyer knows how to identify errors in police procedure that can get evidence suppressed and cases dismissed.

For instance, consider a situation in which a man is pulled over for speeding, but he was not actually speeding and the officer had no reason to make the stop. If the officer finds drugs in the car and arrests the man on a drug charge, the evidence may be inadmissible because the stop was illegal in the first place.

In handling drug defense cases, attorney Ian F. Mann carefully investigates all aspects of the stop, arrest and prosecution to determine if his clients’ constitutional rights have been violated in any way. This proactive approach has helped many clients avoid the consequences of a drug crime conviction.

Contact a Lee County Illegal Search and Seizure Attorney

If you are facing drug crime charges in Florida, time is of the essence. Contact attorney Ian F. Mann today online or by telephone at 239-935-5935 or toll free at 866-416-1488 to speak with a knowledgeable Fort Myers illegal traffic stop attorney.

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