Photo of Ian F. Mann
Photo of Ian F. Mann

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We have deep ties to the community, we have represented clients in Southwest Florida for more than 25 years.

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Fight Charges Of Stalking And Electronic Harassment

With new technology come new problems. The internet and cellphones are no different. Those problems range from online sexual harassment to cyberstalking to digital bullying. A conviction for those crimes counts as a felony in Florida.

When fighting back against charges of electronic harassment and online or more traditional stalking, you want someone in your corner who understands how the legal system works. With 25 years of experience to his credit, our firm’s founding lawyer, Ian F. Mann, a former prosecutor, can fight on your behalf.

The Name You Know. The Name You Trust.

Attorney Mann has committed himself and our firm to protecting the rights of Floridians throughout Lee County. When you come to us, you know you are coming to a law firm that is here to stay.

Attorney Mann will sit down with you himself to get to know you. He makes it a goal for our whole firm to provide each client with personalized representation.

We take that approach because there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all legal solution. Each situation, each client, is different. We learn what makes you unique, including what goals you might have for a legal case.

If necessary, you can also count on us to protect you in court against charges of electronic harassment or cyberbullying. A veteran of more than 130 jury trials, attorney Mann understands how juries, judges and opposing counsel think in the Lee County area. He builds that knowledge into the legal strategy he provides to you.

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We provide a initial consultation so you can learn more about how we can help you. Call us to make your appointment: 239-935-5935. You can also schedule your meeting by contacting us online. Our law office is conveniently located in downtown Fort Myers, just two blocks from the federal and state courthouses.