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Respected Child Custody Lawyer In Fort Myers

As much as our clients come to us feeling fear and uncertainty, we know that their children are feeling the same emotions. Ian F. Mann, a Florida divorce attorney and the founder of our firm, provides personalized representation for residents of Fort Myers, Cape Coral and all of Southwest Florida. Knowing that they are going through difficult times in their lives, he tailors strategies based on the specific issues and problems his clients face in child custody matters.

Contact the Lee County law office of Ian F. Mann today for help in protecting your child custody and visitation rights. To speak with an experienced Fort Myers child custody attorney, fill out our online intake form or call 239-935-5935 or 866-416-1488..

A Southwest Florida Divorce Lawyer Focused On The Best Interests Of Your Children

Most child custody cases are settled in mediation. Working with your child’s other parent to come to an agreement puts you in control of the future. Failing to find a middle ground puts an important decision in the hands of a judge who will look out for the best interests of your children. One parent will be compared to the other, a position that neither a mother nor father should want.

Florida law presumes that shared parenting is in the children’s best interests. Any deviation from that presumption must have a valid reason such as:

  • Parents who live in different towns
  • A marriage where one parent worked while the other stayed at home with the children
  • Drug problems or a history of domestic violence or other criminal activity

At Ian F. Mann, P.A., we encourage our clients to take control of their destinies and those of their children. Mediating child custody puts you in control of making decisions in a cooperative setting. Not only do settlements shield children from their parents battling against each other, but they also help to facilitate better relationships for ex-spouses in the future.

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Fort Myers child custody attorney Ian F. Mann‘s Florida law office is located just two blocks from the federal and state courthouses. Email us or call 239-935-5935 or 866-416-1488.

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