Ian F. Mann, P.A. – Search & Seizure | Video Transcript

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[GRAPHIC: IAN F MANN PA, ATTORNEY AT LAW, www.IANFMANN.com, 866-416-1488, 239-935-5935, 1424 Dean Street, Fort Myers, FL 33901, Don’t Take Chances When YOUR FREEDOM Is On The Line]

IAN F. MANN: I’ve been practicing law for 16 years. But the one thing I am absolutely certain of is the people who don’t cooperate with law enforcement have better outcomes when charged with crimes. If you simply decline those requests, you will be in a better position when you come to see me. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between a request and an order. And if you can’t tell, you just ask. And if they tell you, you have a choice, exercise your right to decline. If they tell you, you don’t have a choice, then you comply with that order. What I’m suggesting is simply politely decline the request.

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