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Ian F. Mann, P.A. – Criminal Law | Video Transcript

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[GRAPHIC: IAN F MANN PA, ATTORNEY AT LAW,, 866-416-1488, 239-935-5935, 1424 Dean Street, Fort Myers, FL 33901, Don’t Take Chances When YOUR FREEDOM Is On The Line]

IAN F. MANN: I was born and raised here in Lee County. Knowing the players, knowing the place where you were arrested can make a difference in the outcome of your case. When you hire an attorney on a criminal case, your freedom’s at stake.

So it’s important that you hire an attorney you can trust. I want any potential client when they walk in the door to my office to understand that I’m going to do everything within my power within the bounds of the law to get them a successful outcome on their case. When you hire me, you get me and my 16 years of experience. When we go to trial, I’m the one sitting next to you. I’m your lawyer. I tell clients at the beginning of the process everybody has two choices in any criminal case. You can plead guilty. Or you can go to trial. My job as an attorney is to try and get you better options. When I was an assistant state attorney, I learned how prosecutors think. I can take that experience and knowledge now and use it to my clients’ advantage defending them. When people come in to hire me in a criminal case, it’s generally not a happy time in their lives. I enjoy being able to help them through that process and hopefully at the end of their case being able to see a smile on their face.

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