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Posts tagged "drug charges"

Troubled family now facing drug possession charges

Many Florida readers are aware of the recent stabbing death of a 24-year-old man who was attacked and killed by his own brother. The incident took place on a recent Friday night, and when authorities searched the family's home as part of the investigation, they allegedly found an unspecified quantity of marijuana within the home. That led to the father of the two brothers being arrested and charged with drug possession and intent to sell or deliver.

Driver arrested for drug possession after his vehicle crashes

In the state of Florida and elsewhere in the nation, any persons accused of  crimes are entitled to defend themselves when facing the charges brought against them in court. In a recent case, a young man was charged with drug possession after reportedly being pursued by police officers for driving with excessive speed. A court appearance has been scheduled early in May.

2 Florida men arrested for drug possession and drug trafficking

Sheriff's deputies in Walton County, Florida, claim to have discovered a meth lab while in the process of serving a warrant to a man for being late on his child support payments. The 46-year-old man was subsequently charged with drug possession and other drug crimes. Another 51-year-old man was also arrested in the impromptu drug bust.

2 men are helpful to police, charged with drug possession crimes

A couple of young men did not help themselves much in their recent arrest in Florida on drug charges. Police came to the door of an apartment in Fort Walton Beach on a noise complaint on Feb. 23. Deputies say that they noticed a "strong odor of green marijuana" coming from the apartment and eventually ended up arresting two people for drug possession.

Florida man arrested for drug possession while 2 children at home

Authorities in Florida have arrested a 26-year-old man on cocaine and other drug possession charges as a part of an ongoing cocaine distribution investigation. Flagler County authorities say that they arrested the suspect after serving him with a search warrant. The man has since been charged with drug possession crimes.

Man faces drug possession charges in Florida

One man in Florida currently faces drug-related charges after police received a complaint about noise. When people are accused of drug possession, they may be nervous about what the outcome of the charges will be. However, the criminal justice system views the person as innocent until and unless he or she is proved guilty and the accused person can rightfully defend his or her innocence.

Have you been accused of drug possession in Florida?

Getting charged with any kind of drug offense can be scary. For one, an individual accused of a drug crime might have been arrested by police, and this is a frightening experience under any circumstances. One of the most common drug offenses in Florida is drug possession. If you are currently facing drug charges in Florida, Ian F Mann, PA, is ready to help. We will review your case, tell you how serious your situation is and we will aggressively defend you against the charges.

2 Florida teenagers arrested for drug possession crimes

Two Florida residents from Punta Gorda were arrested on drug charges on a recent Monday in Charlotte County after a routine traffic stop. According to sheriff’s deputies, they discovered a large amount of marijuana in the vehicle of the suspects’ car. They have been charged with drug possession with intent to distribute.

Drug possession charge against Mr. Cocaine is dropped

Prosecutors have decided to drop the drug charges that were brought against a South Florida man named Edward Cocaine. The man was arrested and being held in jail following a routine traffic stop, which resulted in the search of his motor vehicle. Police claim that they discovered Xanax medication that was not in a properly labeled container, which was ultimately the reason for his drug possession charge arrest.

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