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Making Changes to Your Divorce or Paternity Order

If you are struggling to make financial ends meet under an existing divorce or paternity judgment for child support or spousal support (alimony), circumstances may mean you are eligible to modify your court order.

Florida family law judges understand that things change in people’s lives. Loss of a job, health problems or new opportunities in a new community are just some of the reasons the court will consider making a formal modification to an existing family law order.

Experienced Divorce Modification Attorney In Fort Myers

If you need to change your divorce or paternity judgment in Lee County or in the Fort Myers metropolitan area, talk to attorney Ian Mann at the law offices of Ian F. Mann, PA, in Fort Myers. We will prepare and submit your petition and follow through aggressively to help you achieve your modification goals.

We can also help you change your paternity order. Call us today.

Don’t Work Off An Informal Agreement — Hire An Experienced Lawyer

If you have fallen behind on your child support or spousal support obligation, don’t try to negotiate an informal arrangement with the obligee. In the event of future disputes, your agreement won’t hold legal weight and the courts may not recognize the money you have paid informally. It is important to work through a qualified attorney who can take your modification petition through the legal system properly.

Do You Need To Move With Your Child?

Most custody agreements include provisions that stipulate that the custodial parent must remain with the child(ren) within a specified geographic area close to the noncustodial parent. However, if circumstances make a move necessary, there is a formal legal process for negotiating a new custody arrangement. In many cases, the noncustodial parent is open to agreeing on new terms for parenting time and child support. Turn to us for experienced, effective representation to help you with your custody modification needs.

Contact Us For A Consultation

Call us at 239-935-5935 or toll free 866-416-1488 or use the convenient email form to describe your current needs to modify your existing court order. We offer a initial consultation.

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