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Family Law FAQs

We provide answers here to five questions to help you along in your process of determining your legal options.

We do so, however, with a basic caveat. Real legal answers come from working with a lawyer who can tailor the law to the specifics of your circumstances. Generic answers are a good place to start, but they cannot account for your real-world situation.

1. Why would someone choose mediation in a divorce?

Mediation in Florida divorce is required, but aside from that requirement, you still may want to try mediation as a stand-alone solution to your family’s issues.

2. Why hire an attorney?

“Telling it like it is” sounds like a simple strategy. Unfortunately, it does not take into account the rules and technicalities that make the legal resolution of a dispute so difficult. Once the law is involved, the time for “telling it like it is” has passed.

3. What is a no-fault divorce?

Believe it or not, in the old days of divorce, one spouse had to prove wrongdoing on the part of the other spouse. Florida, like many other states, has done away with that requirement. A no-fault divorce is one in which you can file without being required to allege wrongdoing (such as an affair or mistreatment) on the part of the other spouse.

4. What does the phrase parental responsibility mean?

Parental responsibility is the right to make decisions regarding your child’s future such as what schools they will go to, whether they will get braces on their teeth and what religion, if any they will be raised in. Parental responsibility is normally shared between both parents but can in some cases be awarded to one parent solely.

5. How long will a divorce take?

In Florida, for a divorce that does not involve a lot of fighting, three to six months is not uncommon. If there are more complicated issues or the parties are fighting more aggressively, it can take significantly longer.

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