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Drug Trafficking Archives

Florida House bill seeks stiffer penalties for drug trafficking

Several states in the U.S. have recently had an increase in deaths due to opioid overdose. In Florida, the House has passed a bill that places a great deal of the responsibility for those deaths on those accused of drug trafficking. The bill was voted for unanimously and includes charges of first-degree murder for the trafficker in a case where a drug user dies from an overdose.

Drug trafficking basics

Charges are filed and the handcuffs are in place. Florida law enforcement officers have determined that an individual has been engaged in drug trafficking activity and should therefore be placed under arrest. While this may sound like an evening drama, it is real life that is played out on a regular basis throughout the state. Perhaps the most important question, though, is whether the accused individual is actually guilty of the charges.

Coaches convicted and sentenced on drug trafficking charges

Many Florida students look up to their coaches. These students respect these individuals and want these coaches to notice them and be a part of their lives. Most of the time, this arrangement establishes a healthy mentor-mentee relationship that is beneficial for the students. However, when the reputation of the coach is called into question and he is charged with drug trafficking, such a relationship might not be in the student's best interest.

Home break-in leads to drug trafficking arrest

On any given day, homes throughout Florida will be broken into. The family will arrive home, realize what has happened and call the police. When law enforcement officers arrive, they will often take statements from the individuals who discovered the break-in, and they will often search the premises to recover evidence and make sure the thieves are gone. During this search of the property, it is possible that the officers will also discover other things that have been going on at the home that may be illegal, such as drug trafficking.

Traffic stop ends in drug trafficking arrest

Each day, Florida law enforcement officers scan the roadways, searching for those engaged in illegal activities. One of the primary focus areas of this endeavor is the search for those involved in drug trafficking. The goal is to remove these individuals and the drugs from the community.

Florida law enforcement claim drug trafficking group arrested

Florida law enforcement spends a considerable amount of time, money and manpower attempting to stem the flow of drugs within the state. As part of their efforts, they regularly monitor the activities of those whom they believe to be a party to drug trafficking. These efforts often involve identifying persons and places of interest.

Woman convicted of drug trafficking in Florida

In addition to being an illegal drug, heroin is considered to be a deadly substance. During 2015, 28 residents of a four-county area in Northwest Florida died as the result of using heroin. Due to its deadly nature and status as an illegal drug, Florida law enforcement officers actively pursue those whom it believes are involved in drug trafficking with heroin as one of the substances.

K-9 alerts officers to possible drug trafficking

Traffic stops are a common practice for Florida law enforcement officers. If someone is speeding, driving negligently or appears to be in violation of traffic laws, it is possible that flashing lights will soon follow. In addition to addressing the traffic violation, law enforcement officers often take the opportunity to make sure that there are no other legal violations such as drug trafficking.

Method does not justify means in drug trafficking case

Florida law enforcement and the Florida courts take a very dim view of drug activities. Drug possession and drug trafficking have both become serious problems throughout the state. As such, law enforcement personnel actively pursuing those who are suspected of being involved in such crimes, and the court system enforces the law in its passing of judgment on those convicted of such crimes.

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