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Prescription medication, drug classifications and your case

Florida readers know that prescription drug abuse is a widespread problem, both in the state and across the country. As a result, law enforcement is working hard to curtail the improper use and illegal distribution of prescription drugs, and crimes associated with prescription fraud or abuse can come with steep penalties if convicted. 

Drywall means 90 days in jail on charges of drug possession

What comes to your mind when presented with the phrase "white powdery substance?" The ambiguity can lead to many different images such as an ordinary household item like wheat flour or laundry soap. For those with wandering minds, it could also evoke something more risqué like cocaine. What does it mean to you?

Mistakes can be made in drug possession accusations

Mistakes can be made. The majority of mistakes are minor and can easily be corrected. Other times, the mistakes are major ones and can leave lasting damage to property, individuals and/or an individual's reputation. In fact, Florida law enforcement officers are not above making mistakes; unfortunately, when they do, and one is wrongly accused of drug possession, the results can be damaging to an individual.

Speeding leads to arrest for drug possession

There are some actions that are almost certain to gain the attention of Florida law enforcement officers. Running a stop sign and speeding are two such actions. Thus, if one is stopped after committing one of these actions, it should come as no surprise. Furthermore, if one may have something to hide, these actions might need to be avoided as officers may take the opportunity to search for possible drug possession.

Florida neighbors lead to drug possession arrests

In most Florida neighborhoods, the neighbors watch out for each other. They recognize when someone who doesn't belong in the neighborhood is there, and they often monitor the comings and goings of these suspicious visitors. Whenever something suspicious happens in the neighborhood, it is often the neighbors who notify local law enforcement officers. Many times, this is how drugs are discovered and drug possession arrests are made.

Florida teacher accused of drug possession

Within the state of Florida, protecting children is a primary responsibility of the adults around them. These adults often include their parents, teachers and even local law enforcement officers. In addition to offering physical protection, adults also protect children from drugs and other substances that could harm them. It is generally assumed that these adults are law abiding citizens who will not face charges of drug possession or possession of drug paraphernalia.

Drug possession conviction brings serious consequences

Florida, like many states, has taken a strong stance against drugs. In light of this, law enforcement officers remain on the lookout for those that they suspect of drug offenses. Some of these offenses involve large amounts of drugs and money. However, others are perhaps an experiment with something new. Regardless, a Florida conviction for drug possession as well as other drug related charges brings with it some serious consequences.

Traffic stop leads to drug possession charge

Flashing blue lights can be a scary sight for many Florida drivers. One's stomach clenches and thoughts of "what is wrong" flood the mind. Any time a driver sees these flashing lights in the rearview mirror, fear sets in and rational thought can easily go by the wayside. Random thought regarding what police could be looking for run through the mind – drunk driving, drug possession or a variety of other possibilities.

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