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Why should you stay off Facebook during your divorce?

In these days when everyone uses social media, you likely have a very active Facebook account. If you plan on divorcing any time in the reasonably foreseeable future, however, you may wish to seriously consider staying off Facebook and all other social media until your divorce concludes. 

FindLaw explains that, unfortunately, what you post on Facebook can easily come back to haunt you during a divorce. In fact, roughly two-thirds of the nation’s divorce attorneys freely admit that Facebook serves as their main source of negative information about their clients’ respective spouses that they later use in court to their clients’ advantage. 

Poor Security

If you think you have secured your Facebook account by means of your privacy settings, think again. The Facebook powers that be are notoriously lax about adhering to their customers’ privacy settings. In fact, they sometimes sell your information to others. Additionally, while you may have minimal control over your own Facebook account, you have no control whatsoever over the accounts maintained by your family, friends and followers. If they repost your posts, which they invariably do, that information is out there for anyone, including your spouse and his or her attorney, to find. 

Specific information NOT to post

If you cannot bear staying off Facebook, et al. during your divorce, at least make sure you never post any of the following types of information: 

  • Who you date 
  • Who you socialize with 
  • Where you go to socialize 
  • Major purchases you make 
  • Places you may consider moving to 
  • Photos of yourself in sexually suggestive or explicit poses 

Remember, no one can hurt you with information you refuse to give them. For your own protection, save your Facebook, et al. sharing until after your divorce. 


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