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Divorce, custody and your ex moving overseas

If you are ending your marriage and your spouse holds dual citizenship and plans to move overseas, or they have already left the country, there are many legal issues you need to go over with respect to the divorce process. If you have kids, it is especially important to pay attention to child custody matters and think about the different hurdles that could arise in the future.

Unfortunately, some people fail to take the right approach to their divorce, which is often especially concerning when their spouse is from another country and leaves the U.S.

Looking at international relocation after divorce

From the division of marital property to alimony, child support and each parent’s relationship with a child, divorce matters are complicated when one spouse leaves the country. If your former marital partner is moving abroad, you need to ensure that your rights are safeguarded with respect to various divorce matters. Moreover, if you have kids, make sure that their best interests are protected. Parents worried about child abduction can look into additional options, such as passport denial, according to the U.S. Department of State.

Looking into international child abduction and a child’s well-being

Sometimes, parents leave the country and take children with them without informing the other parent. International child abduction is a serious problem and there are different steps you can take if you are facing these hardships. Aside from child abduction, these major changes can have a significant impact on your child’s emotional and financial well-being, even if you retain full custody rights and your ex leaves by themselves.


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