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Domestic violence does not have to ruin your life

Most have heard of domestic violence. They may know what it is and what signs to look for, but what many people do not recognize, however, is how much of an epidemic it has become. If you are dealing with a domestic violence situation, you are not alone.

When it comes to defining domestic violence, it is any assault, battery, stalking, kidnapping, false imprisonment or other criminal offenses that result in injury or death of a family or household member. In a lot of cases, it refers to spouses, former spouses and parents. However, it is possible that it refers to any member of a family, either by marriage or blood who lives in the same household.

Domestic violence, according to the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence, is an epidemic. In one day, the domestic abuse hotline receives over 800 calls, whereas around 2,000 people need emergency housing or shelter. In 2015 alone, there were over 100,000 reports of domestic violence. In that same year, over 16,000 persons used emergency shelter services.

Did you know that about 1.3 million women suffer physical assault at the hands of their partners every year? In addition, over three women per day in the United States die at the hands of their partners. Men and women alike suffer domestic violence at the hands of their partners at a high rate.

It is crucial that those who experience domestic violence have the means for physical protection. Domestic violence can completely rip a home apart, but there are ways to get out. Sometimes, people do not understand how to receive legal protection in domestic violence cases. Visit our webpage to find out more.


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