Drunk driving allegations are serious. They cannot only threaten an individual with heavy fines, jail, prison and damage to his or her reputation, but they can pose significant professional consequences, too. Most professions conduct thorough background checks on applicants and newly hired employees, which means that many individuals with a DUI conviction are turned away by the jobs they seek. Although this can affect those who work in the retail and hospitality sectors, it can also affect professionals who are subjected to licensing standards.

As an example, let’s look at the teaching profession in Florida. Under the profession’s code of conduct, educators are required to self-report any criminal conviction, admissions of guilt, participation in pretrial diversion programs and no contest pleadings. These disclosures must occur within 48 hours. It is likely that those teachers who are convicted of drunk driving will be released from their position.

The same holds true for those in the medical field. Those who are convicted of drunk driving must report it to their respective licensing board. Therefore, in addition to any criminal penalties they may face, they may also wind up facing professional sanctions, which may lead to the loss of their job and the inability to reenter their beloved profession.

Therefore, there’s a lot at stake when a person is accused of drunk driving. Before an individual decides to take a plea deal on one of these cases it is important that they understand the full extent of their actions and whether an acquittal is possible. To learn more about the various criminal defense options that may be available, those who are accused of drunk driving and who fear for the future of their career should think about sitting down with an experienced attorney.