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Florida’s definition of drug paraphrenalia

When Floridians think about drug charges, they often envision those criminal offenses that are most obvious, such as possession and possession with intent to distribute. These drug crimes are common enough, and those accused of them need to vigorously defend themselves, but these offenses are not the only drug charges that can disrupt an individual’s life. Instead, even seemingly minor crimes related to drugs can have a significant impact on one’s life.

One such criminal offense is the possession of drug paraphernalia. A conviction based on the possession of drug paraphernalia can result in jail time, fines, and irreparable harm to one’s reputation. Florida law has a very broad definition of paraphernalia, too, which means Floridians accused of this will have to be active in defending themselves if they hope to avoid harsh penalties.

In short, Florida law indicates that any equipment, material, and products used or intended to be used for anything from growing to packaging and using drugs is considered drug paraphernalia. The law spells out some specific items that are likely to be considered drug paraphernalia, such as syringes, pipes, and capsules and balloons that are intended to package drugs.

Of course, some items that are listed as potential paraphernalia are common household items. In these circumstances, a prosecutor will be tasked with proving a defendant’s intended use for the objects in question. This can be a monumental task, which leaves it open for an aggressive defense attorney to attack.

There’s too much at stake when dealing with drug charges to put forth a half-hearted criminal defense. Instead, those accused of drug crimes need to diligently work to build an aggressive case that has a strong foundation on the facts and the law. Even if the matter has to be negotiated, a skilled criminal defense attorney may be able to secure reduced charges and lessened penalties. In other instances, dismissed charges or an acquittal may be attainable. Therefore, those who find themselves facing drug charges should consider working closely with an attorney to protect themselves as fully as possible.


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