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Fort Myers raid leads to multiple drug charges

Drug crimes can carry serious penalties for those who are convicted. Making matters worse is the fact that many drug charges are accompanied by other allegations of criminal wrongdoing, which can increase the potential consequences.

However, by developing a criminal defense that fits the particular facts at hand, a Floridian may be able to accept reduced charges and penalties, or it may even be possible to have charges dismissed or win an acquittal at trial.

Two Fort Myers men will need to figure out how best to defend themselves after being taken into custody on multiple drug and gun charges. Fort Myers police claim that the ATF, SWAT, and the Gang Suppression Unit obtained a search warrant and descended on the home being occupied by the 27 and 25-year-old suspects.

According to law enforcement, the search resulted in the seizure of six firearms, marijuana, cocaine, and heroin. A significant amount of cash and a bulletproof vest were also allegedly recovered from the residence.

The charges these men face are quite serious. Amongst them are possession of cocaine and heroin, each with the intent to sell, as well as illegal possession of an altered firearm. If convicted of these charges, these men could end up facing many years behind bars.

In situations like this, though, there may be multiple criminal defense options available. For example, if the search warrant was improperly obtained or executed, then any evidence gathered from the home may be deemed inadmissible in court. If this is not an option, other defenses and avenues may be available.

Those who find themselves facing drug charges should thus consider discussing their situation with an experienced criminal defense attorney who can help them come up with a strategy that works to further the accused individual’s best interests.


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